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Epsom Salts have a diverse range of personal, home and garden uses. They can be added to the bath to alleviate aches and pains, detox or to aid in relaxation. Use around the home as a tile/grout cleaner by adding equal parts Epsom Salts to dishwashing liquid, or help you house plants thrive by diluting a tablespoon or two and adding to your watering can. Fertilise your garden with Epsom Salts to increase nutrient absorption or add to the soil for tastier fruit and vegies.

To experience the health benefits of Epsom Salts, add one cup to a warm bath and soak (submerging even the shoulders if possible) for 20 minutes. It is normal to perspire during this time as the Epsom Salts draw toxins through the skin. When you get out of the bath do not dry off, but instead wrap a towel or dressing gown around your body and lie down for 20 minutes as you continue to detox. Remember to shower afterwards to remove and Epsom Salt residue and drink plenty of water to rehydrate.

Simple Scented Epsom Bath Salts
In a mixing bowl, add 5-10 drops of your favourite essential oil (s) to the Epsom Salts and mix well.
Store in a glass jar. To use, add up to half a cup of the scented Epsom Salts to a bath for a soothing, luxurious experience!

$8 • Australia (up to 100kg)
$30 • International (up to 5kg)



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