are proud to partner with Monica Topliss, Australia's Leading Gluten Free Chef.  Monica will change how you feel about Gluten Free forever!

Diagnosed with coeliac disease as a Monica's has dedicated her life to the development of truly delicious gluten free receipts that taste as good as they look.  Monica's mixes and recipes will help you create a healthier more balanced way of life using nutritionally dense, whole-food ingredients. Her mixes will allow you to easily fill your life with the staples you may have avoided - breads, pizza, muffin and best of all, these products are so much more nutritious than most traditional products. It's EASY and actually good for you!  

OMD supply, mix and pack. You can be assured Monica's Mixes are the real deal! Remember , it's all about understanding the divine gut, as often mentioned throughout this site, the gut is the power-house of the body!