OMD contract with a Hemp Seed Grower Cooperative in Tasmania, Australia. We purchase the raw seed, transport tonnage via refrigerated container (s) to our facility in Coolum Beach, QLD. Australia. We then grade & hull (removing the outer crunchy shell from the precious inner seed) which then flow through a series of aspirators (separating the seed from its shell) The results are just fantastic! Super clean fresh and truly Australian Grown Hulled Hemp Seeds!

The seeds are hulled in a Food Grade climate controlled room. The seeds are in such high demand and loved the world over for their protein, fibre and omegas. Other than producing hulled seeds we also expel the raw seed for it's precious oil. The by-product (cake) from expelling the oil is then milled for it's flour. Protein powder is also produced by a series of sieves where the protein is separated from it's fibre. Nothing is wasted! Even the shell is milled and used for our body care products! Organic Markets Direct are just so passionate about producing the finest freshest Hulled Hemp Seeds and by-products available anywhere in the world! 

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