FEMI is an ALL NEW RANGE of incredibly divine Facial Oils and Body Oils, coupled with a Make Up Remover.  The FEMI range is not only super functional and pure, it is sheer luxury to use and your skin will simply LOVE it.  Our secret?  The pure magic of organic Chia and Hemp oils!  These oils are beautiful on your skin and your body will just absorb them!  All those wonderful Omega's! FEMI oils are 100% Certified Organic with no preservatives.  There are many divine scent options.  Which one will become your favourite?  Our FEMI advocates comment on how their skin readily absorbs the FEMI oils and how over a relatively short period of time, it actually reduces and some cases removes lines. Our Facial Oils are a clever blend of Chia Seed Oil and Essential Oils that actually improve with age.   An oil for your face?  We use oil on and in our bodies, but oils on our face is possibly a new concept for those more used to creams.  However FEMI is changing the face of…face care, with its revolutionary Facial Oils!  FEMI has created an oil that is very fast absorbing, non greasy and leaves your skin feeling soft and luxurious.  

Our Body Oils are a perfect combination of Chia and Hemp Seed Oil with a variety of aromas.  They hold the same fast absorption properties as the Facial Oils; but with a little more depth which is provided by the Hemp.  Put us to the test on any of your dry areas.  A truly multi functional oil, due to the high Omega 3-6-9 content.

Our Makeup Remover does as it says on the label, removes makeup.  However it also cleanses and it moisturises.  It does this all beautifully and in sync.  A combination of Chia, Argan and Camellia blended with Egyptian Neroli, is a truly divine experience.

Curious what other women are already saying about FEMI ?