Brands such as AUSTRALIAN GROWN NATURALS (AGN) and BLANCK & Co and others share an ethos that is close to the hearts of OMD. The functional qualities of Tasmanian Hemp Seeds and  Queensland Chia Seeds, Victorian Flax Seeds birth incredible by-products such as oil, flour and proteins. We believe they are the finest and freshest one can buy anywhere. OMD hull and process Hemp Seeds for in-house brands such as AGN and EM SUPER FOODS, and very soon for partner brands. It's all about sharing the goodness, whether it be chemical, insecticide, pesticide residue free, organic or bio dynamic. It has to make a difference. The range will evolve as we discover truly Australian Grown Foods and products. This is just the beginning of an Australian Grown Real Food Revolution! 

Awesome foods such as Rain Fed Brown Rice, Buckwheat Kernels and Flour are loved by our customers. Paying a little extra for quality is in an investment in your heath. Longevity is fueled by what you eat, think and say. The very first step is real food! Its goes beyond being fresh, remember the gut is the power-house of the body, feed it well. The food must be functional, its your medicine!